Tea for breast feeding

INGREDIENTS : 1 tea spoon : flax seeds, anyseeds and cumin seeds. Boil for 10 minutes in 2 liters of wáter. Then add 1 teaspoon of nettle leaves. Filter and sweeten according to your taste.

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Ghee (clarified butter)

INGREDIENTS : Unsalted butter Let the butter cook in very low heat. (don’t worry if it starts to splutter). Don’t touch it. Once golden Brown turn off the fire and let the pan rest for some minutes without moving it, so the grease cools down and a crust forms. Then,...

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Raisin and apricot purée

Eat it every 3 days. Very rich in iron. You can eat it with the tapioca, with oat porridge or as a spread. INGREDIENTS : 1 cup of dried apricots 1/3 cup of raisins HOW TO PREPARE : Soak the ingredients over night. Next morning make it into a purée.

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Tapioca Pudding

Tapioca helps with the constipation and is excellent for the production of abundant milk. This pudding is rich in proteins and easy to digest. INGREDIENTS : 2 cups of milk of your choice (cow, soya, almond, coconut, etc.) ½ cup of tapioca (big pearls) ¼ cup of honey...

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Post-Partum Sabji

This dish has a predominance of the fire element, which is lacking in a woman straight after having a child. It regenerates the nervous system and strengthens the uterus. It also purifies the body before the production of mother’s milk. Yoginis recommend it to prevent...

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The Postnatal Support Network (PSN) addresses the importance of a well-prepared and relaxing 40 day postnatal period. It is an international organisation with a non-medical and social network, informing families-to-be about this special and delicate time after birth.